The Northwestern Health Unit reported a case of Covid-19 in the Dryden-Red Lake area.

The health unit defines the Dryden-Red Lake area as: Balmertown, Cochenour, Dryden, Eagle Lake 27, Eagle River, Ear Falls, Eton-Rugby, Ignace, Machin, Madsen, Mckenzie Island, Melgund, Minnitaki, Oxdrift, Red Lake, Vermilion Bay, Wabauskang 21, Wabigoon, Wabigoon Lake 27​.

Follow up with the person involved and their contacts has started according to protocol. Anyone who is identified as a contact for this case will be contacted directly.

For reasons of privacy, NWHU does not release or comment on information about the location of COVID-19 test results.

This brings the total Covid-19 cases in our catchment area to 46, with 44 cases listed as resolved.