The Superior International Junior Hockey League's newest team is still hoping to find a home in Kenora.

The Kenora Islanders are eyeing to start play this fall.

Team officials are expected to reveal more details on Thursday.

President Tim Gosnell says they currently have ice time in Vermilion Bay after being told earlier this year that there was no room for them at the Kenora Rec Centre.

The team is still hoping to find some room.

Gosnell says they would like to play at least 10 to 15 games in Kenora and obtain ice during the daytime for practices.

"Bringing the games into Kenora is a great opportunity for the city, restaurants, hotels, the arena itself," says Gosnell.

There is concern among some members of council about the impact on other user groups.

"I think that something that we also have to keep in mind is the recreation center is a taxpayer-funded entity and that it has to serve our whole community and that we have to make sure it's an equitable space for all groups, regardless of whether they're the most profitable piece of the puzzle," says Councillor Kelsie Van Bellingham.

Gosnell says they met with some of the other users, such as the Kenora Thistles AAA U18 team.

"We are here to work with all of minor hockey, including AAA, all AAA programs, as a program to our junior program. We have met with them multiple times, with the Thistles Council, with coaches. We would be working with them to make their program successful and not to try and take away from any other hockey programming," says Gosnell.

Councillor Robert Bernie feels there is room for the junior team.

"I think this is a great business opportunity, and we need to have a vision here and look boldly to the future. I look back at people like Bob Nault, Mike Richards, who played hockey here. When there was a junior team, you look at the connections and the deep-rooted connections that have developed because of the game here in Kenora. And it's not just about hockey. Any sport can foster those relationships, but I think this is a really great opportunity," says Bernie.

This is the third attempt to establish a junior A team in the SIJHL.

The last time Kenora had a junior team was the Kenora Muskies, later renamed the Thistles, which played in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League between 1968 and 1982.

Dave and Mike Allison, Ted Nolan, Tim Coulis, and Charlie Simmer were among those to skate for the team and later star in the NHL.

The Thistles folded after three straight losing seasons.