Officers with the Sioux Lookout OPP are investigating the circumstances behind a vehicle striking a church in the area.

Police say on May 12 at roughly 3 p.m., officers responded to a serious traffic incident where a vehicle collided with a church, but the OPP says the event was not hate-motivated. While the vehicle and building received significant damage, no one was injured.

The OPP say their investigation is continuing, but no charges have been laid to date.

Police are reminding the public to operate their vehicle safely when they get behind the wheel, and if you get into an accident where your driving abilities put others at risk, you may face criminal driving charges and could have your license suspended, pending a medical review.

The Sioux Lookout OPP notes this is the second driving-related incident this week that’s created a threat to public safety. Earlier in the week, a vehicle was driving erratically and stopped after a public complaint. No charges were laid, but a medical review was requested for the driver.