Despite some more cases in the Kenora area in recent days, Dr. Ian Gemmill at the Northwestern Health Unit says it's not a resurgence.

"There's no spike," he said, during yesterday's briefing.

The health unit issued a public advisory last week, saying shoppers may have come into contact with the coronavirus, while shopping at the city's Walmart and No Frills. However, no further cases were discovered.

Inmates and staff at the district jail have nearly all been tested, but no new cases, Gemmill continued in his briefing. 

"There's some rumbling, but no spike," he concluded.

After two cases were found at the jail and another at nearby Whitedog, there were concerns about a resurgence that led many First Nations to tighten their security at checkpoints. The health unit also issued an advisory, saying people may have also come into contact with the coronavirus at the local Walmart and No Frills. However, Gemmill's description of the 'vanishingly small' chance of transmission helped ease fears of community spread.

Yesterday, the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority found three cases in the Sioux Lookout area, as well as two in remote northern communities. Contact tracing for these was still underway.

Over the summer, the health unit hopes to encourage residents to remain vigilant with their public health measures, as well as continue to get tested, if they feel ill or may have come into contact with somebody who has COVID-19. 

The health unit will also move towards encouraging employers to get their staff tested, in a more active effort to monitor the presence of the coronavirus in the area.

This will all act to help suppress the possibility of a second wave.

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