Northern Critters in Need says it needs both volunteers and foster homes for their rescues.

Sam Kosik is a spokesperson for the group and says they foster pets from all over.

“Most of our animals that coming into care are coming from remote communities, whether they are drive-in or fly-in,” says Kosik.

“Some are coming from our community here in Dryden as well or the surrounding area.  But again, if we have an animal in need, doesn’t have a home, or isn’t being taken care of, we need these foster homes in place.”

Kosik says that on Saturday, Northern Critters will be holding a meet and greet for their rescued animals at the Pet Store.

“Draw some people in that are looking for a pet, or maybe they aren’t, because they don’t know they are looking for a pet yet, but they fall in love at the pet store. It’s a good way of getting some of our adoptable pets out in the open…get them socialized”.

The meet and greet will take place from 1 to 3 pm.