The Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) has launched a new process for area residents that want to sign-up for the COVID-19 vaccination stand-by list.

The COVID-19 vaccination stand-by list was created to ensure every dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is used.

The health unit says, "COVID-19 vaccine comes in small bottles that hold 10 or 11 doses. Once a bottle has been opened, the vaccine must be used up as the bottle cannot be re-sealed and stored for later use. We also might have small amounts of vaccine at the end of a clinic because someone with an appointment did not show up."

Dr. Kit Young Hoon, Medical Officer of Health at the NWHU, details who is eligible.

"The stand-by list includes people who are currently eligible to be vaccinated, as well as people in future priority groups," noted Dr. Young Hoon.

"When the health unit calls people to see if they can come to a clinic on short notice for a vaccine, we start by calling people are on the current priority groups first," Dr. Young Hoon added.

To get on the stand-by list you must:

  • Have registered for the vaccine either through the provincial booking system or the NWHU online registration survey (even if you don’t get have an appointment booked)
  • Have not yet received their first dose of the vaccine
  • Have said that they want to be called on short notice in case vaccine is available; and
  • Can make it to a local vaccine clinic within 30 minutes of a phone call.

Those wishing to sign-up for the stand-by list must complete the stand-by sign-up survey.

Residents are reminded not to book their vaccination in communities they don't live in and not to show up at the end of a clinic hoping to get vaccinated.