Northwestern Ontario’s gas prices have dropped again, but there’s still not much to celebrate.

In Kenora and Dryden, prices have dipped from 199.9 per litre to 195.9 at most fuel stations.

But across the region, the Kenora district still has the most expensive fuel in Ontario and the 18th most expensive fuel in Canada at an average of 199.9 per litre, according to statistics from GasBuddy.

That’s over 20 cents above Ontario’s average price of 177.5 per litre. Of note, five years ago to the day, prices sat at 99.9 per litre in Kenora.

In Sioux Lookout, prices have lowered dramatically over the past few days. With the area regularly posting prices above 230.5 per litre, drivers may be surprised to see prices as low as 199.8 and 201.7 per litre.

Winnipeg’s prices range from 179.9 to 184.9, while Thunder Bay’s range from 150.5 to 189.9.

The least expensive fuel in Canada can be found in Leduc, AB, while the most expensive can be found in Golden, BC at 214.9 per litre.