A sentencing decision handed down Friday by Superintendent (Ret.) Greg Walton will see a Thunder Bay Police Officer demoted for a period of 18 months for neglect of duty and discreditable conduct.

It comes as a result of a discipline hearing into the actions of Staff Sergeant Shawn Harrison who was found to have been affected by an unconscious bias during his investigation into the sudden death of Stacey DeBungee in 2015, after his body was found in the McIntyre River.

Lawyers representing the Thunder Bay Police Service recommended a two-year demotion, meanwhile counsel for the DeBungee family and his home community of Rainy River First Nations sought to have Harrison’s employment terminated.

Ultimately the decision, which Harrison plans to appeal, will see him demoted to the rank of Sergeant, before returning to the rank of Staff Sergeant a year and a half later, if his disciplinary record remains unblemished.

Additionally Harrison will receive Indigenous Cultural Competency Training.

The full disposition can be found here.