Ontario's NDP leader, Marit Stiles, is offering her congratulations to Manitoba Premier-elect Wab Kinew.

Kinew and his NDP party won a majority government Tuesday night in Manitoba's provincial election.

Stiles says she watched the results late into the night and then celebrated.

"I think it was a good night for Manitoba. It was a good night for Canada, the first First Nations Premier of a province in Canada, and a good night for the NDP."

Stile says she was impressed with Kinew's campaign, describing it as hopeful and optimistic.

Health care and education were among the major platforms.

Stiles sees some parallels to what her party is trying to do in Ontario.

"We feel like this is very consistent with a lot of our vision for the province of Ontario. And we're hopeful. We're really hopeful for what this means for the direction that maybe this province is headed."

The next Ontario election is not scheduled until 2026.