Dryden Mayor Greg Wilson says a new government at Queen's Park -- regardless of the party -- has a challenge ahead of them.

"The government leaders at the provincial level are going to find it very difficult to keep the money flowing," he said.

The mayor says the main issue is Ontario's large debt -- about $350 billion dollars -- which he says any government of any stripe would have trouble dealing with it.

On a more practical level, the mayor would also like to see more formula-based programs and fewer grant applications. Wilson is also hoping to see less downloading of programs from Queen's Park to municipalities.

Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives won a majority government Thursday night, ending 15 years of Liberal rule at the legislature. One of Ford's trademark promises is to get the country's economic engine moving again, while respecting the taxpayer's dollar.

Political opponents have wondered how the new premier will be able to keep his promise of cutting $6 billion in government expenses, while maintaining key services such as health care and education.

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