The Ontario Provincial Police have finally brought their e-ticketing system to the northwest region.

The idea around the e-ticket is to allow OPP officers to see motorists' previous offenses via their driver's license.

Kenora OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Jeff Duggan says that this program is very beneficial to officers.

“It does allow the officers to speed up the process, the tickets are all printed and when they get to the court system they’re legible,” said Duggan

Before this system officers were writing paper tickets and had no way of seeing the driver's previous offenses. Now the officers have access to all that information to take appropriate action.

“Every time if get pulled over for a provincial offense the officer can scan your driver's license, enters all the information into the computer system, and can either print out a ticket or print out a warning,” added Duggan.

Once the ticket and warnings are printed they get captured into their computer database.

“That’s simply if you get stopped in Dryden and you receive a warning and you haven’t changed your driving behavior since Dryden, and you get stopped again in Kenora then further action can be taken whether that's another warning or an actual provincial offenses notice,” explained Duggan.

“That is something we were missing was tracking driving behaviour across the province.”

Duggan mentioned that the printed warning tickets have key messages regarding safe driving and safe boating at the bottom of the ticket rather than payment information.

Most of the Kenora OPP officers are trained on this new program and the ones that aren’t are being trained.