Sheldon Adams is a member of Treaty 3 youth council, and he was part of the youth summit in Kenora.

"The opportunity we have as young people, especially First Nation people, is astronomical. I find we don't take advantage of this quite frequently," he said.

The summit continues today and tomorrow, as they tackle a wide range of topics.

Sometimes, you have to go away for a while, before you appreciate what you have. Adams, of Eagle Lake, is working towards a career as a firefighter with Six Nations in southern Ontario. However, he's helping to lead the Treaty 3 youth summit in Kenora this week.

"I can't wait to get home in a couple of days to get a line in the water," he said. "Down south, I don't get to fish, and I don't get to eat the fish, which is unfortunate."

Workshops yesterday included self-defence and mental health. Adams acknowledged the help of his many supporters and advisers -- including counsellors -- who helped him stay in school and stay on track, when life got difficult.