After another special session of the provincial legislature in Toronto, the leader of the Green Party, Mike Schreiner, was pointed in his remarks.

"I talk to small business owners who don't know, if they're going to be able to reopen their business. We know the Amazons and the Walmarts of the world are going to survive this crisis, but I want our downtowns to survive this crisis," he said, referring to the coronavirus outbreak. 

While there was some room for optimism Monday -- after several days of decline in the number of new cases reported -- 483 new cases were reported yesterday. Further, the premier described the situation as a 'wildfire among long-term care homes, compared with 'bushfires' in other parts of Ontario. 

As a result, much of yesterday afternoon's media conference focused on focusing the province's response to the coronavirus on long-term care homes and retirement homes, even if it meant redeploying hospital staff and resources to assist. 

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says government money is helping, but it's often too little and too late.

"The federal government support package is of course welcome relief, but it's taken too long to arrive, it's slow to reach people and it excludes a lot of people and businesses, leaving them to fall right through the cracks," she said.

The province is also closing schools past May 4, but has not said yet for how long. Still, the premier stopped short of saying schools would be closed for the rest of the school year, which extends until the end of June. 

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