Leadership with the Northwestern Health Unit says an outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at an unidentified business in the Kenora region.

During her weekly conference with regional media members on November 23, Medical Officer of Health with the NWHU, Dr. Kit Young Hoon, explained that a cluster of COVID-19 cases had been found at a local business, and affected staff were found to have infected their household members.

“Through our investigation, there appears to be no increased risk to the public from the affected workplace,” said Young Hoon. “This is a good reminder that prevention measures need to be followed in all settings, including workplaces.”

Young Hoon says the information was not initially released publicly as the NWHU’s investigation found no additional risk to the public, and the number of cases found was not known at the time. However, Young Hoon noted ‘a number’ of employees were found to be infected.

The NWHU declined to name the business to protect its employees’ privacy.

As of May 2021, all employees must pass a COVID-19 screen before entering the workplace. If anyone has even one symptom of COVID-19, they should stay home from work, self-isolate, and get tested.