Northwestern Ontario got pelted by over 30 mm of rain through yesterday afternoon’s thunderstorms, but we didn’t break a record.

Environment Canada says 31.5 mm of rainfall was recorded at the Dryden Airport yesterday, but the rainfall record for July 11 was set in 2008 when the area saw over 43 mm of rain.

“That’s still a lot of rain though. 31 millimetres is still pretty substantial,” said Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gerald Cheng, who says more storm activity can be expected in the coming days.

“Thunderstorms go hand in hand with summer. We’ve had a lot of rain in this neck of the woods. But unfortunately, that seems to be the pattern moving forward. We may get a break for a day or two, but the [storms] will come back,” he adds.

Cheng warns that once the storm activity passes and it begins to clear up by Saturday, heat warnings can be expected as the forecast is calling for highs above 30 degrees for the weekend.