Northwestern Ontario should be prepared to be hit by another major winter storm today, with about 10 centimetres of snow possible.

Environment Canada says they’re also calling for winds of up to 40 kilometres per hour and a low of -27 overnight with a low of -34 after the windchill, with the risk of frostbite.

“There is a system on the way for northwestern Ontario coming from the prairies,” said Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gerald Cheng.

“We expect the snow to begin around midnight on Friday and it will continue into Saturday, forecasting about 5 to 10 centimetres of snow with this system. It will make roads tricky, so be careful out there if you have to travel on Saturday.”

Cheng adds that more snow is expected into Saturday afternoon with a high of -10, before some sun on Monday and Tuesday. After that, milder temperatures are expected by next week.