There is another location in northwestern Ontario to get a passport in ten days.

The service is now available at Service Canada's Dryden office.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Ya'ara Saks, says it is the latest office in their efforts to decrease the time it takes to get a passport.

"We want to have a goal to make sure that Canadians have accessible passport service from coast to coast to coast, both in rural, remote and urban centers, and the opening in Dryden is part of that plan," says Saks.

Until now, residents wanting a passport within ten days had to travel to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg.

"The distances in northwestern Ontario are extensive, and we know that the drive to Thunder Bay, for many, it's a whole day there and back, or it's a lot of planning."

Dryden is one of twenty locations in Canada where the 10-day service is available.

Passports can be obtained through most other Service Canada offices in northwestern Ontario.

The average time to receive it from those offices is about twenty days.