Ontario Premier Doug Ford is continuing to urge everyone to stay home. With Quebec and Manitoba set to begin easing restrictions on May 4, Ford say it doesn't mean you should visit other provinces.

"We don't want people, right now, coming across the border. I love Quebecers, I love people from Manitoba, that goes for the U.S as well. Stay at home. It's nothing personal, we just can't afford the spread of this virus here in Ontario. We're doing so well," he said. 

Ontario has yet to set a date for the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19, but some businesses were allowed to re open May 1.

The premier has pointed to population difference as a reason other provinces are prepared to move a head, and Ontario isn't. Just over 1 million people live in Saskatchewan and Manitoba respectively, while Quebec has a population of just over 8 million people. In contrast, over 14.5 million people live in Ontario, with almost 6 million living in Greater Toronto Area alone.