Voters in the City of Kenora have named Andrew Poirier has the city’s 9th Mayor.

“I’m feeling great,” said Poirier, who was celebrating the news at Bob’s Burgers. “Some surprises on council, but very happy.”

Poirier is well-seasoned in public administration, having over 30 years of experience. Before this current term, he held a seat on Council from 2003 – 2009. He says he plans to tackle social issues downtown as one of his top priorities. 

“Like most other people during this campaign, everybody’s aware that we have some issues downtown. As a council collectively, we need to take a look at that to see what we can start doing to turn that around. And I look forward to having discussions with each new councillor.”

Joining Poirier on council will be one returning councillor and five new members.

Graham Chaze is the lone returning member of City Council, with 2,253 votes. New members include Lindsay Koch (2,411), Kelsie Van Belleghem (2,476), Bob Bernie (3,136), Lisa Moncrief (3,237) and Barb Manson (3,602). 

Long-time councillors Sharon Smith and Mort Goss just missed the mark at 2,077 and 1,981 votes, respectively. Logan Haney was also in the running at 1,932 votes.