Kenora Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford says the provincial government is resisting a regional approach to reopening the economy. He said said the communities in Northwestern Ontario have a smaller capacity to deal with an outbreak then those in other parts of the province. 

"If we were to have, and I think it's safer to say there will be a second wave. Smaller towns and cities, and indigenous communities, particularly in Northwestern Ontario, may experience a greater threat in a second wave," he explained. 

He said the province would be better prepared to deal with a second wave if they ease restrictions throughout the province at the same time. 

"Lets be all together, and I think if we take that measured cautious approach province wide, we'll be in a better place to protect ourselves, should -- in my respectful view-- we likely deal with a second wave. It will be a question of degree, not if," he said. 

So far, no date has been set for when restrictions will begin to be lifted in Ontario. 

As of April 30, all 16 cases reported in Northwestern Ontario have been resolved.