Q104 and Northern Sounds and Systems present: QFX

Name the sound - win the cash!

Play QFX weekdays at 7:10, 8:10, 4:10 and 5:10!

The jackpot starts at $200 and increases by $25 with every incorrect guess!

Hear QFX #4 below!

Past guesses:

Pouring water into a pot

Coffee grinder

A paper shredder

A milkshake maker

Electric can opener

Coffee grinder

Water carbonation machine for bottled water

Closing a storm door

Lighting a Tiger torch

Blowing up a balloon

A fire extinguisher

Starting a kettle

A bingo machine (when the bingo balls roll in the machine)

Sharpening a knife

Propane tank (when starting a camp stove) 

Inflating pool

Pulling the lid off of a coffee can

Slurping through a straw

Bingo machine

Pouring popcorn into a popcorn maker

Popping the lip off of a whipping cream can and spraying it


A kettle

Electric pencil sharpener

Pressure washer wand being clicked on and off

Pencil sharpener

Dialing a rotary phone

A breathing apparatus that fire departments use

Paper cutter

Sliding a window open

Sno-cone maker

Can of keyboard cleaner

Q104 and Northern Sounds and Systems present QFX!

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