Northwestern Ontario received some much-needed rain over the last week that has cooled down the area and assisted crews battling forest fires across the region.

An Environment Canada meteorologist spoke on the increase of rain the area has experienced

“Thunderstorms rolled through the Kenora and the Lake of Woods area late last night [August 9] and first thing this morning [August 10]. That actually gave about 20-23 millimetres of rain to the various areas in and around Lake of the Woods,” said Geoff Coulson Environment Canada Warning Preparedness Meteorologist

The bulk of the rain for the month has come in the last couple of days rain has fallen in the early parts of the month as 8.8 millmetres fell on August 9, 2021, 5.2 millmetres on August 5, 2021, and 1 millimetre on August 4, 2021.

Altogether the total precipitation seen in the area has been 36 millimetres so far this month, which is just under half of the 84.2 millimetre average for August.

Coulson did add that a low-pressure system is making its way to the area bringing thunderstorms and rain in the coming days.

“The short-term forecast into Thursday [August 12], sees the area is influenced by a larger low-pressure system sitting over Hudson Bay. What we have is a band of showers and thunderstorms rotating around the low-pressure system well to the north of Kenora, but it is bringing some shower activity to the Lake of the Woods area,” noted Coulson

The rain is supposed to leave by Friday and the warm air will return bringing warm temperatures over the weekend.