The Municipality of Red Lake has released its daily fire update. Below is their update from the Municipality of Red Lake's Facebook page.

The Forest Fire conditions remain high and the risks associated with RED 077 and RED 016 continue to be a threat to our Municipality. We continue to monitor the conditions in partnership with MNRF. See the message from Mayor Fred Mota below:

Good afternoon everyone,

Update on Red Lake Fire 077 and Red Lake Fire 016

Please be advised the Municipality continues to work closely with the MNRF. Currently, Red Lake Fire 077 remains approximately 20km west of the communities of Madsen and Starret-Olsen. The winds today are blowing from the North and a Northwest direction. As the fire behaviour increases with these dry conditions, the fire area of Red Lake 077 poses a growing concern for a potential evacuation. The current size of this fire is over 22,000 hectares and not under control.

Red Lake Fire 016 is currently a much larger fire and not under control. This fire behavior may also pose a threat to our community and remains approximately 10km to the North away from Red Lake fire 077. There is a very real chance these fires will join together and gain strength and momentum. It is estimated that once combined, the fire may be well over 150,000 hectares in size.

I would also like to remind our community that further fire protection services have begun. You may see sprinklers and equipment throughout various areas of our communities. This proactive approach is designed to add an additional layer of protection if required.

Last evening, July 12, 2021, we experienced a severe thunderstorm. As many of you witnessed, lightning was very prominent in our area. We are assured the MNRF is seeking any hotspots for new fire activity. The rainfall measurement was low at 7.6mm and was sporadic throughout the Municipal district.

Finally, conditions remain extreme. Please stay informed and diligent as the probability of an evacuation remains likely in the near future. There is no rain predicted with our forecast through this upcoming Sunday.

Take care and stay safe!

Mayor Fred Mota

We will continue to provide updates daily at 3:00 pm via our Facebook page as well as via our emergency alert system. If you have not already, sign up for emergency alerts here