Seasonal resident Ron Parkinson of Winnipeg likes the idea. Earlier today, Ontario's new premier-designate Doug Ford announced he's dropping the carbon tax and the price of gas.

"Well, in that specific case, I like that. I use a lot of gas getting here and in the boats," Parkinson said, as he filled up this morning in Kenora.

Ford said earlier today he's dropping the carbon tax to help lower the price of gas by 10 cents a litre. It's a promise he made during the election.

According to Customers are paying $138.9 a litre in Dryden today. This compares with prices that range from $1.17.9 to $1.27.9 in Winnipeg.

As he waited for a fill-up, Dylan Skiffington agreed with Parkinson.

"Everytime I go get gas, I look at my receipt and I'm seeing that much money of what I put in my car goes to the government. It's necessary, but a little excessive at times," he said.

In a statement issued earlier today, Ford said, “Eliminating the carbon tax and cap-and-trade is the right thing to do and is a key component in our plan to bring your gas prices down by 10 cents per litre. It also sends a clear message that things are now different. No longer will Ontario’s government answer to insiders, special interests and elites. Instead, we will now have a government for the people; help is here.”

Ford also announced that he will be issuing specific directions to his incoming attorney general to use all available resources at the disposal of the government to challenge the federal government’s authority to arbitrarily impose a carbon tax on Ontario families.

The official swearing-in for the new premier is set for June 29.

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