This week's REMR Roofing Person of the Week is Alexis Pernsky!

Alexis was nominated by Jennifer Templeton, who wrote in part:

"Alexis is the owner of Sweet, LOTW, and the most amazing “boss” I’ve ever had. I put boss in quotations because she is so much more than that to all of her staff. She’s very real, treats us with respect, includes us in decision-making, encourages us to be creative, and always has our backs. Because of Alexis, Sweet is a true family environment for staff and customers alike, where we’re free to be ourselves, and it makes us want to be our best. Alexis is also a great ambassador for our City, and a huge supporter of family-owned and small businesses in Kenora and the surrounding area. She has offered up Sweet as a pick-up spot for other shops, and has held many pop-ups for businesses such as The Black Oven, LOTW Sunrise Soap Company, Sparkling Dalhia and more; she also carries products from local vendors in her shop. She is extremely inclusive in every sense of the word, and contributes to many local fundraisers and events. I’m truly blessed to have her not only as a “boss”, but also as one of my best friends."

For being nominated, Alexis receives a $25 gift card for the Log Cabin Tavern, and for her nomination, Jennifer receives one, too!

Nominate someone special in your life for REMR Roofing Person of the Week!  We pick another winner next Monday!