This week's REMR Roofing Person of the Week is Carl Fors!

Carl was nominated by Aimee Spencer, who wrote in part:

"I would like to nominate Carl Fors. He drives city transit which has been an essential service throughout COVID-19 pandemic. Although this is an essential service it has been unrecognized as such. The pandemic has been difficult on everyone. Often he endured many complaints regarding mask mandates, aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse and managing those under the influence of drugs/ alcohol. He has remained kind and courteous in the face of these challenges. His dedication to his job is second to none. He is courteous and kind to all passengers. Always a “good morning/afternoon ” when you get on and “have a great day” when you get off the bus. He finally had a week off last week, after over three years without a vacation. He has been the only driver left on transit since June due to staff shortage. He cares for his passengers and has a great sense of humour which brightness the day of his passengers."

For being nominated, Carl receives a $25 gift card for the Log Cabin Tavern, and for her nomination, Aimee receives one, too!

Nominate someone special in your life for REMR Roofing Person of the Week!  We pick another winner next Monday