This week's REMR Roofing Person of the Week is Megan Carter!

Megan was nominated by Halle Tyrrell, who wrote in part:

"Meg is the kindest, most generous, caring and overall one of the best people I have ever met in my life. FOR REAL!!!!!! She helps out the community whenever she can, she is the best mom to her two children and puppy, and she’s an amazing friend. She doesn’t stop ever, she is always go,go,go. She treats every child like her own and she helps me and all her other friends with absolutely anything. She is very well known in the community for her continuous thoughtfulness and supportiveness to the people around her. She hasn’t always had it easy, but no one would ever assume that because even if she’s going through a hard time, she will still put others first with an eager smile. I aspire to be half the person she is, one day. Also, she can make anyone laugh. She has a smile and a beautiful presence that would make anyone having a bad day, have a good day instead. I wish everyone in the world could know someone like Megan Carter. I can’t rave about her enough! And who doesn’t like someone that can make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts! Ha ha ha!! She is my person of the YEAR! :)"

For being nominated, Megan receives a $25 gift card for the Log Cabin Tavern, and for her nomination, Halle receives one, too!

Nominate someone special in your life for REMR Roofing Person of the Week!  We pick another winner next Monday