Effective 6 a.m. on Monday, May 24 the Implementation Order keeping the public away from Kenora Fire 25 & 30 will no longer be in effect in the Willard Lake area.

Area residents will be allowed to once again visit their property, access closed roads and make use of Crown Lands adjacent to previously closed roads.

The Ministry of Natural Resouces and Forestry (MNRF) lists Kenora Fire 25 and 30 as "not under control" and reminds residents to be mindful of crews that are working diligently to put these fires out.

The MNRF says 21 crews and eight helicopters spent the day working to extinguish the hotspots of Kenora Fire 25 and 30 and added that the continued cool and wet weather has resulted in minimal fire behaviour.

Kenora Fire 25 is 2,062 hectares and Kenora Fire 30 is 1,162 hectares.

The Implementation Order for Kenora Fire 27, north of Kenora, remains in effect at this time.

The MNRF as Kenora Fire 27 is 4,480 hectares, listed as "not under control" and has 10 Fire Ranger crews working to extinguish hotspots and establishing campsites and helipads for incoming crews.

The forest fire hazard across the region is listed as low, with pockets of moderate risk across the district.