Ontario legislators will return to provincial parliament on August 8, for approximately 5 weeks. 

Returning once again, Kenora-Rainy River MPP and Minister of Northern Development, as well as the Minister of Indigenous Affairs. Rickford spoke with the QMorning Show to outline his priorities as he prepares to return to Queens Park. 

“Well, it’s a summer session which means a kick-off likely with the budget that was presented just prior to the election. As a matter of legislation, we will be working on that and tweaking a few things of course,” explained Rickford.  

The 2022 provincial budget that the PCs released in late April saw $198.6 billion dollars allocated to priorities such as highways, transit and hospitals. According to Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy, the provincial budget is expected to remain largely the same, with some modifications to some smaller areas such as increasing the Ontario Disability Support Program funding. 

“Our platform was to rebuild and build-out Ontario and that very much includes northwestern Ontario. In my capacity as the Minister for Northern Development, in particular, we are going to be focused on its priorities.”  

“Five-week summer session - that’s a clear signal from the Premier that it is time to get back to work for us and by fall, we will start to make those announcements that make sense and make a difference in people's lives.”  

Rickford dominated local polls with just under 60 per cent of the region’s support, winning the riding with an over 6,000 vote lead by the end of the night. He notes he and his team knocked on the doors of over 17,000 people in the region throughout their campaign.