As of 8:40 am Sunday, May 22:

Flooding on HWY 71 Northbound at Mayburn Road has closed one lane. Traffic control is in place.

Quibell Road is closed, between Hwy 647 and Hwy 609. No transports are allowed, Passenger vehicles only. Signage in place. Use extreme caution.

Blue Lake Loop Road to Quibell Road is restricted to local traffic due to flooding.

Highway 105, from Highway 17 to Highway 609, is fully closed due to water over the road.

Highway 17 east of Vermilion Bay near Rhyner's Road, there is water over the road. Traffic control is in place with a pilot vehicle. A detour is available for smaller vehicles.

Flooding on Highway 605, between Highway 17 and Rugby Lake, is closed due to water over the road in multiple locations.