As of 6:00am Thursday, May 12:

Highway 641, Laclu,  is now fully open.

Highway 105 is now open between Ear Falls and Red Lake following a 5-day closure. But, the Highway just north of Vermilion Bay remains closed between highways 17 and 609 and a number of highways and roads remain closed this morning due to significant flooding.

Hwy 17, Vermilion Bay, Near Rhyner's Rd , there is water over the road. Traffic control is in place with a pilot vehicle. A detour is available for smaller vehicles.

''A photo of the pilot vehicle, courtesy of Mike Kruz / Facebook. 

Highway 658, Redditt, remains closed in both directions North of Basket Lake Bridge due to water over the road

Highway 605, Dryden, remains closed due to water over the road in multiple locations.

Gordon Lake Road west of McIntosh Road remains closed due to increased flow of water through the Forest Lake Dam.

Highway 599, approximately 15 km south of Pickle Lake, all lanes remain closed in both directions due to flooding.