The community of Fort Frances is still recovering after being pelted with a severe thunderstorm, rainfall and a tornado warning on Monday night.

While the tornadoes may have instead made their way towards the Dryden area, a number of streets and areas in the Fort Frances community are now experiencing severe flooding and washouts from the rainfall.

''Photo of Point Park courtesy of Sally Thomas / Facebook.

The Township of Fort Frances’ Municipal Emergency Control Group has now made the decision to close an additional 10 areas in the community immediately to protect infrastructure, properties and residents.

As a result, these roadways are closed to both pedestrians and vehicles:

- Front Street between Minnie Avenue and Williams Avenue, which has been closed since May 23,
- Front Street between Armit Avenue and Mosher Avenue,
- Front Street walking path,
- Front Street bike path,
- Front Street Playground,
- Front Street Fitness Equipment,
- Sorting Gap Marina Gas Docks, which have been closed since May 23,
- Sorting Gap Marina Boat Launch,
- The Hallet,
- Crowe Avenue Dock,
- Point Park and Seven Oakes,

Fort Frances adds that sandbagging operations continue at the Public Works yard, and volunteers are welcome to assist between Monday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Volunteers are required to register with Town Staff at the Animal Shelter.

''Photo of a playground in Emo courtesy of Douglas Judson / Twitter.

The International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Control Board says levels on Rainy Lake have surpassed their 2014 highs when Fort Frances faced severe flooding, and levels continue to be on track to break all-time records set back in 1950.

''Photo of Rainy Lake water levels courtesy of Mike Coran / Facebook.

Town crews worked to move The Hallet, a 60-foot, 57-ton former logging boat, away from the shoreline and into the parking lot for protection Tuesday afternoon, due to the rising water levels. The boat was restored and moved to the Sorting Gap Marina in 2009.

''Photo of The Hallet courtesy of Douglas Judson / Twitter.

The Township issued a State of Emergency notice on May 23.

''Photo of Front Street prior to Monday night’s storm courtesy of Douglas Judson / Twitter.