Staff with the Municipality of Sioux Lookout say their new alert system will help keep the public informed for any service disruptions or emergency alerts, and it’s one of their new ways to communicate with the public during Ontario’s lockdown.

The Municipal Alert System allows residents to choose to receive notices about council meetings, Public Works activities, recreation programs and events, service disruptions, general information and emergency alerts, through Alert Ready integration.

“This lets us get information to everyone who signs up very quickly,” says Brian MacKinnon, Manager of Corporate Services & Municipal Clerk. “You can choose text messages, voice calls, email, even push notifications to your phone. The choice is all yours.”

Staff say the system was developed as COVID-19 measures restrict access to the Municipal Office, and staff are working remotely wherever possible.

“Our doors are locked and phone calls are going directly to voice mail right now,” said Municipal Chief Administrative Officer, Michelle Larose. “We have been very busy finding new ways to keep the Municipality’s essential services running smoothly and allowing residents to contact us about important issues.”

Another new system is the municipal Service Request form found on Sioux Lookout’s website, which allows anyone to request service to report issues to any department.

Both the Service Request Form and Municipal Alert System can be found here.

Ontario’s stay-at-home orders are expected to remain until February 11 at least, and could be extended further. The orders require all residents to stay home unless for essential purposes, such as going to the grocery store or the pharmacy, accessing health care, exercise or for essential work.

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