Staff with the City of Dryden have chosen six community programs to apply for up to $100,000 in funding.

It’s that time of the year for members of the City of Dryden to apply for the annual Moffat Family Fund foundation based out of Winnipeg, which aims to ‘support and advance the social, physical and intellectual well-being of children and families.’

This year, after a public application process, Dryden’s committee of four community members have chosen the Dryden Food Bank, Making Connections for Children and Youth, the Northwestern Health Unit’s Nutrition on Weekends program and the Dryden Library to receive the funding.

The Dryden Food Bank has been selected to receive $46,750 for calcium-rich products, helping to distribute a variety of fresh food items to the nearly 500 families that use the food bank annually.

The Food Bank’s also been selected to receive $15,000 for a new refrigeration unit and $3,000 to support home delivery services.

The Dryden Library Board has been chosen to receive $6,750 for their Dolly Parton Imagination Library program, which provides one free book per month to every enrolled child, with 105 children currently enrolled. They say funding would allow them to double the size of the program.

The Board for the Northwestern Health Unit has been selected to receive $16,750 for their Nutrition on Weekends program, which helps feed local youth with healthy choices over the weekends if their families struggle with food insecurity. It serves 160 students in the Dryden area.

Making Connections for Children and Youth has been chosen to receive $11,750 for their Universal Recreation program, which helps to provide sponsorships to local youth to get involved with more than twenty sports, organizations, clubs and camps in the area.

The Moffat Family Fund grants are an allocation of investment income earned by funds held by the Winnipeg Foundation.

The Moffat family invested $100 million with the foundation in 2001, setting the criteria that 20 per cent of the investment’s income is to be returned to communities in which the family conducted business, which includes $100,000 for Dryden in 2022.

In 2021, the Moffat Family Fund provided $93,700 to the community, split between the Dryden Food Bank, the NWHU’s NOW program, the Dryden Library Board and Making Connections for Children and Youth.