Kenora area residents are advised that local ice roads are closed.

Leonard Boucha, who has helped maintain local ice roads for over 30 years and provides updates on his ‘Winter Road Update for Kenora Area’ Facebook page, says ice roads are closed due to the snowstorm and the warm weather expected afterwards.

This weekend’s forecast calls for highs near 10, which will deteriorate landings in the area.

“Due to the winter storm coming and the nice warm weather right after, the ice will change very quickly. The landings are also deteriorating very quickly. To reduce damage to the landings please limit the use as much as possible!” explains Boucha.

“We will no longer be maintaining the Ice roads. Travel is at your own risk!” he adds.

It was a short ice road season for the Kenora area as ice roads didn’t open until January due to the warm weather we received in December.