Environment Canada says we won’t see much relief from the rain this August Long Weekend. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Steven Filsfeder says a storm system is already hitting the region, and more storm activity can be expected throughout the weekend.

“The rain showers are on our doorstep. As we go through the next couple of days, tonight is when we’ll see the most active showers and thunderstorms. There could be some locally heavy downpours, up to 25 mm in the heaviest-hit areas.”

Filsfeder adds the region has already surpassed its average amount of rainfall for the month of July. The average July sees about 103 mm of rain, and prior to this weekend’s storms, the Kenora Airport has already recorded over 113 mm of rainfall – mostly from July 19’s storm system.

“There’s going to be another chance of showers into Thursday morning, less intense than this evening though,” he adds. “There will be more rain Thursday before it clears out Friday. Friday will be a nice day with a sunny sky, but a bit on the cool side in the mid-20s.”

Filsfeder says temperatures are expected to jump back up by Saturday, but another storm system will be making its way through the area on Sunday.

“Another system is expected in the early afternoon Sunday. That’s one we should be looking out for. There’s at least a chance of showers and very likely some showers associated with that as well.”

Environment Canada reminds residents to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches and to wait at least 30 minutes from the last roar of thunder to leave your shelter, to ensure the system has left your area.