Shut up and lift!

It's a great slogan from a T-shirt that summed up nicely the intense focus for some of the entrants.

The Dryden Strongman competition took over Whyte Avenue this weekend. Categories for men and women include the truck pull, tire flip and deadlift.

Saturday will feature men’s and women’s strongman events:

  • Truck Pull
  • Circus Dumbbell
  • Axel Deadlift Max - from ground, straps allowed
  • Farmers Carry - no grip aids or straps
  • Tire Flip


  • 60lbs CDB,
  • 170lbs opening deadlift,
  • 350lbs tire,
  • 150lbs farmers,
  • 5,300lbs pickup truck pull



  • 85lbs CDB,
  • 300lbs opening deadlift,
  • 700lbs tire,
  • 220 farmers,
  • 10,000lbs semi truck pull


  • 130lbs CDB,
  • 400lbs opening deadlift,
  • 700lbs tire,
  • 270lb farmers ,
  • 10,000lbs semi truck pull
  • 80ft farmers walk,
  • 70ft tire flip,
  • 70ft truck pull

Categories as follows:

Junior (under 18)

Female weight classes:


Male weight classes:

  • Lightweight 200lbs and under
  • Heavyweight 201lbs +
  • Placing for top 3 in each category and top 3 overall.

Weights for events to come!

Sunday will feature men’s and women’s powerlifting events:

  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift