Curlers it’s that time of year again to grab your brooms, sliders, and enthusiasm and hit the ice as curling kicks off this weekend (October 17, 2021).

The Sunday Night Curling League is ready to embark on another curling season starting October 17, 2021, at the Dryden Arena Facility on Arena #2. Trevor Szmon says the excitement level is up compared to other seasons.

“Getting out and back to more of real life. Our league is very uncompetitive and a very social league, it’s just a good time to see some people you haven’t seen in a while to chat while you're playing the games. It’s a very easy-going form of exercise,” said Szmon.

The league will start this Sunday and run until Sunday, February 27, 2021. Draw times will be the same every Sunday night at 5:15, 7:00, and 8:45 in the evening. Draw times will vary to allow fairness for all teams. The length of each draw will be six ends.

Equipment can be provided for those who are new or don’t have the gear. Szmon added that guidance and instruction can be provided for newcomers.

The only requirement is to bring your own pair of clean running shoes to prevent dirt to be tracked on the ice.

Currently, there are 12 teams registered with a max of 18 teams allowed.

Teams can be mixed with men, women, junior and senior players.

Entry is $837 per team for adults, and a junior team (18 and under) is 40 per cent less at $502 per team.

The Dryden Memorial Arena requires all participants to be fully vaccinated. Masks are required to enter the building but curlers are not required to wear masks while on the ice surface.

Those who are interested in curling can contact Szmon at 807-216-6950.