In an attempt to boost Ontario’s digital identity ecosystem, the provincial government is making driver's licenses and health cards available in a digital version.  

In a press statement released last week, it was announced that health cards and driver’s licenses will be available digitally through an app by the end of this year.  

This move was not only encouraged by the provincial government's efforts to act as a “world-leading digital jurisdiction” but also by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to increase contactless transactions.  

Once available to the public, Digital ID could be used in ways such as age-sensitive purchases, healthcare needs, and applying for government programs.  

Your Digital ID will not be stored in a central database, rather, it will only be stored on your device of choice, for example, your mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or on your computer. Should your device become stolen or lost, your Digital ID can be removed remotely.  

The provincial government will not be able to tell where you have used your Digital ID, it is not a tracking device.  

You can find the full breakdown of the provincial government's plan for Digital ID’s using the link below