The Chief of the Treaty Three Police Service has decided to call it a career after almost four decades as a police officer.

Chief Kai Liu was hired back in September of 2019 and lead the service through some turbulent times, however he notes of his time in the region the one thing he is most proud of is his officers.

'I found that the men and women of Treaty Three were extremely dedicated and motivated to helping keep our First Nation communities safe. But the chronically limited underfunding and resources they're able to contribute and continue to help keep our communities safe."

That underfunding came to a head earlier this year when the Treaty Three Police Service, the Anishinabek Police Service and the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin Anishnaabe Police all faced closure after they lost their funding from the federal government.

Funding was restored following a federal court order.

Liu says with that stability the service will be able to hire 30 new officers, which will push recruitment efforts into "overdrive".

However this retirement will be short lived, after Ontario put forward funding to hire staff for the Indigenous Police Chiefs of Ontario, Liu has been tapped to serve as the organization's new Executive Director.

"So its going to allow me to still remain as a strong advocated for First Nation policing, however no longer just Treaty Three specific but all the self administered services across the province of Ontario."

Liu's retirement becomes official on August 31st.

Meanwhile, the Police Services Board has yet to determine who Liu's successor will be