Two suspects are in custody following a possible gang-related assault in Dryden over the weekend.

The Dryden Police Service (DPS) says on Sunday, May 23 officers responded to an apartment on King Street after receiving reports of a man being assaulted.

Officers with the DPS spoke with a 47-year-old male victim that suffered from a stab wound to the upper body and blunt trauma injuries to the head and torso.

Witnesses and the victim say three males and one female entered the apartment uninvited and proceed to assault the victim.

DPS says this crime does appear to be gang-related.

Officers say his injuries were serious, but non-life-threatening. The man was treated and later released from the Dryden Regional Health Centre.

As a result of the investigation, two individuals from Kenora have been charged and were remanded into custody at the Kenora Correctional Facility.

Aaron Paypompee, 31 of Kenora, has been charged with break and enter, assault with a weapon, breach of probation and two counts of breach of recognizance.

Tessa Poole, 24 of Kenora, has been charged with assault with a weapon and break and enter.

Police are searching for one other person involved, but no description or identifying characteristics have been released.