Two Kenora residents are safe after a search of a capsized canoe in the Norman Dam area.

The Kenora OPP says on June 11, officers were dispatched to the Lake of the Woods channel to the Norman Dam area after a report of a canoe with two people in it, which later capsized.

Members of the Kenora OPP attended the area in an OPP vessel and on foot, and requested a helicopter to be dispatched to try and locate the two individuals.

Police located a bag with ID inside of the overturned canoe. Thankfully, when officers attended the residence listed on the ID, the two occupants were located safely.

Although, the OPP note if you find yourselves in a similar situation, the public is asked to contact police for assistance as a broken-down boat or vehicle left in an unusual spot can prompt numerous resources to search for someone believed to be in danger.

The residents who called the report in are reminding boaters and the public about the risk of strong currents around the Norman Dam and McLeod Park areas, and note the area’s safety has been compromised after the yellow booms that block off the waterway under the railroad bridge snapped over the winter season.