Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce says they should have an update on schools early this week. 

"We can confirm that by early next week that plan will be communicated to the public transparently. We'll let you know, both the decision for June as well as the intention to scale up in a significant way our learning program for the summer to keep our kids engaged in the curriculum, and ultimately to mitigate from learning loss," he said. 

Lecce says they are taking the health and well being of Ontario's kids extremely seriously.

"Our duty is to make sure we land in a place that is consistent with the values of families in this province, which is safety must come first. So we are doing that in real time, I'll also be informed by advice from other medical leaders when it comes to kids, including the leadership team of Sick Kids will provide perspective as well. Among other inputs that we're seeking to make sure we get the right decision," he said.  

If there is no extension, students are scheduled to return to the classroom at the beginning of June.