Fully vaccinated Canadians will finally be able to venture into the United States through their land borders for non-essential travel.

This exciting news was announced earlier this week by the US Department of Homeland Security and will come into effect sometime in November.

Kenora MP Eric Melillo said in an interview with the Q Morning Show today this was great news for Canadians and the economy.

“Many families that have been separated will once again have the opportunity to reconnect, of course economically as well this is incredibly important for both countries to once again have people crossing in both directions, and businesses need this on both sides of the border,” said Melillo.

Melillo did raise a concern towards the vaccination status of Canadians.

“The US has not listed which vaccines will be recognized and many Canadians with mixed doses still aren't sure if they will be authorized across the border as there have been complications with other jurisdictions. That’s still a major question that we need the answer to,” added Melillo.

Canadians have been able to travel to the US through the air for some time now as long as they provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that was taken three days prior to their flight.

Fully vaccinated Americans have been able to enter Canada through land borders since August 9, 2021.

The US land borders have been closed to Canadians since March of 2020.

Since this story was written further information regarding the date of the US border opening has been made official.