Henry Wall is the co-chair of the All Nations Health Partnership, and he was the special guest for a Facebook Live appearance with Compassionate Kenora last night. For more than an hour, Wall was part of a wide-ranging question and answer period.

"We will decide what help we need, where we need it, when we need it and it's not going to be dictated by people who have no vested interest or who are so far removed from what's going on in our communities to make those fundamental resource allocation decisions," he said.

Wall also talked about the importance of providing new supportive, affordable housing units in the district.

During a wide-ranging question and answer session on Facebook Live last night, Henry Wall from the district services board talked about the importance of providing supports for tenants in social housing.

"I want to give you an example. This happened in October of 2018. We had a very tragic month in Kenora. We had -- in one week -- four attempted suicides within our housing, and they were all young single mums. Seven children lost their mums," he said.

More than 180 housing units are in the plans for Kenora, Dryden and Sioux Lookout once the coronavirus has passed.

Plans include:

  • 30 multi-bedroom units for young families in Sioux Lookout in partnership with Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services and the province, as part of a $10 million build expected to be ready this spring (with support services attached)
  • 40 affordable housing units in Dryden on a rezoned parcel of land close to construction
  • 112 units in Kenora

In Kenora, the 112 units include:

  • 54 units in planning stage with the creation of a working group of seniors to be completed
  • 30 units supportive housing set to start construction (treatment beds in Evergreen area)
  • 28 unit supportive housing project on track to be completed this summer (bail program off east highway)

In addition, in Red Lake:

  • 10 unit multi-residential for New Start for Women second-stage shelter in Red Lake set to be completed this year

Across the district, this amounts to 192 social housing units. These would be in addition to any private developments, such as Woods Drive or at Rideout Bay in Kenora.

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Posted by Jonny Grek on Thursday, May 7, 2020