September 22 marks the first day of Fall and temperatures have been steadily dropping in northwestern Ontario – but what can we expect next weather-wise?

Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says over the next week or so, residents will see seasonal-average temperatures around 14 degrees, with the risk of rain through the weekend.

“We’re looking at a continuation of these fall-like temperatures we’ve had over the last day or so,” says Coulson. “Also looking at the possibility of some shower activity kicking off Friday and on and off through the weekend, but it has been a relatively dry month so far.”

Coulson says to date, the Kenora Airport has recorded 28 mm of rainfall in September – way below the month’s average amount of rainfall of about 85 mm.

Looking ahead to the start of the winter season, Coulson says October’s forecast is currently calling for highs above the seasonal average throughout most of the month – but notes that could bring some early snow with it.

“For the month of October, temperatures are expected to be somewhat warmer than normal. As we go through the month, that normal daytime high will fall steadily to about 4 degrees by the end of October. And we normally get 14 cm of snow in the Kenora area in October.”

Coulson says models indicate that we could see warmer than normal temperatures once again in November, with daytime highs near -6 by the end of the month. The Kenora area typically sees about 32 cm of snowfall on average in November.