Staff with the Lake of the Woods Control Board say water levels in the area have continued to increase with the recent rain in the forecast, and changes will be seen on the Winnipeg River. 

They say the current level of Lake of the Woods is in its 65th percentile level for this time of the year, after increasing by 3" over the past week. 

Levels are expected to rise by another 3 to 4" over the coming week, with outflow increases scheduled for today and early next week with the forecast indicating a chance of rain on most days this week.

Staff say today's outflow change will cause water levels on the Winnipeg River to increase by 3" directly below the Norman Dam and by 2" above the Dalles. Changes aren't expected for Minaki, but levels will increase with any future outflows.

Elsewhere in the region, Lac Seul is in its 55th percentile level for this time of the year and is expected to increase by 6 to 8" over the next week, with no outflow changes scheduled.