Kenora and Dryden residents have been warned.

There have been reports of individuals going door-to-door posing as employees from the City of Dryden’s Water Works Department. The City of Dryden is advising the public that this is a scam.

The individuals are requesting access to test the water or check the water meter in the home, but they are not actually city employees. The city did not specify if these individuals are up to criminal activity while inside a home, but the city’s priority is the public’s safety.

All City of Dryden employees are equipped with photo identification tags, which residents are encouraged to ask to see before letting anyone into their homes. In addition, any Public Works personnel will be driving a City of Dryden vehicle.

The city adds that they do not randomly do testing or make unscheduled visits to inspect water meters. Residents are asked to call the Dryden Police Service at 1-807-223-1137 if they experience this activity, or feel unsafe.

In addition, residents can also contact the city’s Public Works Department at 1-807-223-2367 if they have any concerns.

In Kenora, the city says that door-to-door salespeople have been making their rounds through Kenora, asking to enter homes. Once inside, they ask to see the water lines and to install water filtration systems, as well as perform a water test, showing that the water is unsafe. They also ask the homeowner to fill out an online application and to sign a contract. 

The province of Ontario has banned door-to-door sales since March 1, 2018. Therefore, door-to-door sales companies are not permitted to solicit business in the City of Kenora and residents should not feel pressure to sign a contract or engage in any water testing.

The City of Kenora drinking water quality must meet strict provincial standards and is regularly tested. The city says that the water is completely safe for human consumption, and are warning residents to not let anyone you do not know into your home.

The city stresses that residents should call the Kenora OPP at 1-807-548-5534 if you feel you are in danger.