Eric Melillo’s campaign office played witness to an act of vandalism and harassment on Tuesday afternoon.

As per a social media post, Melillo stated that someone hurled a slashed Conservative sign at his constituency office window.

“More than anything I want the staff at my constituency office to feel safe. They do important non-partisan work to serve everyone across the region. It’s quite unfortunate that the incident happened. That’s why we took to Facebook to share it with people, and ensure that people understand we won’t tolerate this kind of behavior,” said Melillo

Though no damage was done to the window, or anyone was hurt Melillo did state that this act is unacceptable.

Melillo and his office have received amazing support from the community and the region following the incident.

“Overwhelmingly positive, a lot of people sharing their support and wanting to make sure they reach out and have that conversation, so it’s been much appreciated,” added Melillo

The Conservative candidate concluded by saying that unfortunately with every election there is some degree of sign vandalism. In saying that he wants to encourage people to express their politics in a different manner.