Monday’s rainfall (May 9, 2022), was just over one millimetre shy of breaking a 95-year-old rainfall record for that day.

According to Environment Canada’s website, Monday’s rainfall total beat the current record dating back to 2002, when 9.9 mm of precipitation fell, but according to Meteorologist, Peter Kimbell that wasn’t the true record.

“I know our website indicates that but that’s because our website stats only go back to the 1930s or so, but if you look back prior to that it turns out we got 37.6 mm on May 9, 1927. It was a lot of rain but not a record.”

Kimbell confirmed that on Monday (May 9, 2022) the Kenora area received almost half of the monthly rainfall average in just one day.

“We got a lot of rain yesterday, 36.5 mm of rain, so that’s a good chunk of normal rainfall for the whole month of May, normally the average for the all of May is 80.8 mm,” says Kimbell.

So far only 10 days into the month of May the Kenora area has received 53.3 mm of rain, and Kimbell says more rain is on the way for residents later this week.

“Possibility a few showers Wednesday night, more likely showers activity on Thursday evening or Thursday night. It’s not over unfortunately more rain is in store.”

Though the region is in store for more rain this week, at least the temperatures will be around the seasonal average for this time of the year.

“Normal high this time of year is 17 degrees. On Thursday we should be up to 20 degrees, a bit above average. Possibly Friday 19 degrees. We’re a bit on the mild side but not too far from normal.”

Moving into the weekend the Kimbell says Saturday is expected to be unstable in terms of precipitation, but Sunday is expected to have temperatures near the seasonal average.

Since April 20, water levels on Lake of the Woods have risen by roughly 25”, while levels on the Winnipeg River have risen by about 67” since early April.

Throughout the winter the Kenora area saw 305.8 cm of snowfall from September 2021 until Monday (May 9, 2022), which broke a 61-year-old winter snowfall record. Last winter, the region only received 102.9 cm of snow from September 2020 until June 2021.

In April, 67.8 mm of rain fell at the Kenora Airport, which broke a 62-year-old rainfall record for the month. Almost half of that monthly amount came in the last weekend of the month, as 30.8 mm of rain fell.